Siding Eyesores Explained

Greenville,SC House Washing After

Arriving to your property should evoke “home sweet home” feelings – not a cringe-worthy glance toward your siding. Preferred Soft Wash protects your curb appeal and your house with our professional soft washing service.

What is on my siding?

The short answer: A lot. Constant exposure to mother nature can do a number on your home exterior. The most common issues include:

  • Dirt, which creates a film of grime over your siding
  • Mold, which can be black, brown, or even green
  • Mildew, which takes on a dusty, lighter appearance
  • Algae, which is green, filmy, and gathers in moist areas

What to do about dirty siding

If your siding isn’t exactly inspiring curb appeal, our team is here to help. We use special cleaners to address all of the buildup common to our region – from dirt to pollen, from mold to algae – to restore your siding.


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