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3 Ways that Gutters Prevent Property Damage

Gutter Cleaning


You probably walk past your gutters a dozen times a day and don’t think too much of them. But they’re actually a key part of your property. With regular gutter cleaning, you are investing in the device that protects your home from:

  • Water damage
    When gutters overflow, rainwater gathers around your foundation. The result: flooding and lasting water damage.
  • Landscape erosion
    Clogged gutters send water to your landscaping below. This floods out plantings, soil retention, and your hard-earned garden.
  • Mold
    Black mold thrives in moist conditions – and clogged gutters are ideal. Regular cleaning prevents black mold from becoming an interior and exterior issue.

With gutter cleaning service from Preferred SoftWash, your property won’t just be safer – it will be prepared for anything.


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