Preferred's Gutter Cleaning Success



Every property is different – but their reliance on gutters remains constant.

We keep this important part of your investment in prime condition. Preferred SoftWash is proud to protect your South Carolina home with our gutter cleaning solution. Here are a few of our success stories:

The Eyesore – Solved!

One home was a picturesque destination – with one glaring exception. Black stripes across the gutter system brought the entire property’s curb appeal down.

Preferred stepped in with a gutter cleaning solution. Using deep-penetrating cleaners, we removed the tiger stripes to reinstate a beautiful (and lasting) first impression for the client’s property.

The Money Hole – Patched!

Another client noticed that rainfall was settling around their foundation after every rainfall. Leaks were beginning to happen in their basement – and they were worried about it causing costly water damage down the road.

Their gutters weren’t working properly because they were clogged to the brim. We stepped in with a completely gutter cleaning solution to remove debris and get them back to functionality. Now, the client feels confident in all weather.

The Investment – Saved!

One home represents the most common scenario: leaves, sticks, and other debris were filling up of the gutter system, and the result was an eyesore and kept them from working properly.

We performed an annual clean to clear debris, test the downspouts, and ensure that their property is always covered by functional gutters.

Any of these scenarios sound like you? Give us a call. With regular gutter cleaning from Preferred Soft Wash, your home is ready for every forecast – from rainy days to cloudless skies.



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