How Often Should I Have My Home Cleaned?

This is a frequently asked question. Some of the most common variables are things like above average rainfall, warmer than usual winters, house placement/location, nearness to lakes/ponds and where the sunlight hits your home can cause variances, but here are the typical averages in our area (click each to learn more)...

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

You should expect your roof to stay clean and free of algae staining for a period of anywhere between 4 and 7 years. Our method is approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer's Association and is backed by us with a Written, 5 Year Limited Warranty. This means that your roof will be cleaned safely and properly without voiding the original manufacturer's warranty and with no possibility for damage. In fact, some of the nations largest shingle manufacturers pay us to clean their customers' roofs under the manufacturer's warranty!

Vinyl Sided, Painted, Or Brick/Stucco Homes with Painted Trim

Let me start first by saying: We'll gladly clean your home regardless of how long it's been dirty and the results will definitely make you smile! You have our 100% Gaurantee on that. But we recommend that all homes after the initial cleaning be cleaned once a year. Soft washing yearly helps protect your home from the damaging elements and will make virtually every surface of your home last longer. Often times, delicate surfaces that look like they need repainting again only need to be properly cleaned to look great and provide more years of protection. We sometimes compare this to the way that you wash your car. We wash our cars often, using soaps that gently remove the dirt, debris, oxidation, film, mold and mildew, etc... that would otherwise work it's way into the places we can't see and build up over time, embedding into the softer surfaces first and become much more difficult to remove. The outside of our homes are no different. Other than the fact that most of us spend more time in our homes than we do in the cars that we drive and what we see on the outside of our homes can work its way into the inside, becoming unhealthy over time.


Keeping your gutters free of yearly debris also keeps your home protected.


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