Get your Home Ready for the Holiday with Preferred Softwash

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Everyone looks forward to this time of year. Entertaining friends and family. Brilliant decorations are announcing the seasonal spirit.

Sure, you can stop decorating after the star is on the tree, but you go a step further. You love the smell of a cinnamon broom when you walk past the fresh wreath on the front door.

There is something in the air that encourages you to be a good neighbor.

But what you love most are the lights that make your home a Christmas eve destination.

Each year you set the stage, and each year you watch what time does to your home.

Small buildups turn into patches of moss and dirt. The wood paneling in the backyard shows how many friends have lined up for your weekly barbeques.

You’ve tried hosing it down. You’ve even tried to scrub out some of the bigger stains.

It’s time to undo years of damage.

Preferred SoftWash cleans years of wear-and-tear without damaging your home.

High-pressure washing can put water inside your walls, strip mortar from bricks, or even gouge your wood panels.

Preferred SoftWash uses gentle methods that are more effective.

Experts* know the long-term stress that high-pressure washing puts your home under.

Instead, they recommend using new cleaning methods to undo the damage and protect your home.

After all, it takes a lot to be the crown jewel of the neighborhood, and you need someone in your corner.

Let Preferred SoftWash be your holiday secret to a happier and more impressive home this holiday season.


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