4 Home Cleaning Services that Are Worth the Cost

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As a homeowner, you probably already know that maintenance, repairs and general upkeep can cost you money every single year. But it’s also important to remember how much more money it can cost if you don’t regularly maintain your home. If you really want to save money long-term, there are a few things you should be doing right now. Here are a few home cleaning services that are definitely worth the cost.

1. Concrete Cleaning

Hiring a professional to clean your concrete with a heavy-duty pressure washer is something every homeowner needs to consider doing every three to five years. Over time, repeated exposure to the elements can cause significant damage to your concrete. At some point, the damage will be too far gone to repair and you’ll be forced to replace it – at that doesn’t come cheap! Instead, it’s much more cost-effective to have the concrete regularly pressure washed. Heat above 90 degrees and direct exposure to sunlight on a regular basis – which is common in the southern states – can cause damage and discoloration. Excessive rain can also create mold and mildew. Keeping your stone clean will not only preserve its lifespan but increase the resale value of your home.

2. Having the Gutters Cleaned

Probably the most easily forgotten part of home maintenance is the gutters. If left uncared for, clogged gutters can lead to all sorts of costly issues for homeowners. If the gutters aren’t routinely cleaned, the flow of water will be disrupted and it could back up into the home, which can rot wood and create mold. Should it get that far, you will be looking at hefty repair bills to restore your home to its original state. Many people opt to save money by cleaning the gutters themselves. Depending on the type of home you have, this isn’t always advisable. Professionals are equipped with harnesses for their protection in the event of a fall off a two-story home. If you aren’t correctly equipped for this type of job, it’s safest to hire a professional to do the job for you.

3. House Washing

Environmental damage can cause mildew, algae, mold, and other harmful residues to grow on the side of your home. Regular house washing will preserve the life of your vinyl or brick siding and make your home much more attractive. If you’re planning to list your home for sale, a professional house washing can make all the difference in the offers you receive. A lot of people attempt to pressure wash their homes on their own to save a buck, but it’s important to remember the safety concerns when it comes to using industrial grade machinery. Plus, different materials require different levels of pressure. If you use too much pressure on a vinyl siding, you risk damaging it beyond repair and costing yourself way more than you bargained for.

4. Roof Cleaning

Over the years, sun and heat can be just as damaging to your roof as it is to your concrete. Cleaning your shingles can make your house look fresh and brand new. Increasing your curb appeal is great for the aesthetic but it also very helpful when it comes to selling your home. The cleaner and more presentable your home appears, the more buyers will be willing to pay for it. This may be another job you’re tempted to do yourself but this is one area where a general pressure washer isn’t the best way to get the job done. It can be very damaging to use a high-pressure machine on your shingles. Soft scrubbing is the recommended cleaning method, which involves you sitting on your roof to do it. Because your safety matters, hiring a professional is certainly worth it here.

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